2015 Congress Schedule

Wednesday, September 9th
12:00pm-4:00pmCourse ($150)TMJ Disorders and Facial Pain. Orofacial Myofunctional ApproachEsther Bianchini, SLPCordoban Room
1:00pm-6:00 pmAAMS General Members MeetingEmerald Ballroom
1:00pm-6:00pm Exhibit Hall Set UpTiffany Room

Thursday, September 10th
Theme: Prevention of OMDs

8:00am-8:30amGeneral Session: WelcomeCrystal Room
8:00am-5:00pm Exhibit Hall Open
8:30am-4:30pm SYMPOSIUM
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy: A Call For Intervention as Early As Possible in Orofacial and Nasopharyngeal Disfunction
8:30am-10:00amSymposiumInterference of tongue with the orofacial functionsIrene Marchesan, PhD, SLPCrystal Room
10:00am-10:30amExhibit Hall- BreakTiffany Room
10:30am-12:00pmSymposiumAIRWAY-kening orthodontics & myofunctional therapy working together to improve/save livesWilliam Hang, DDSEmerald Room
10:30am-12:00pmSymposiumOrganization of tongue movements during breastfeeding before and after frenotomyCatherine Watson-Genna, IBCLCCrystal Room
12:00pm-1:00pm PostersCrystal Room
1:00pm-2:00pmSymposiumMotor learning and neuromuscular principles: Applications to myofunctional disordersHeather Clark, PhD, SLPCrystal Room
1:00pm-3:00pmSymposiumOrofacial myofunctional disorders, malocclusion phenotypes and non-communicable disease: An evolutionary perspectiveKevin Boyd, DDS & James G Murphy, MDEmerald Room
2:00pm-3:00pmSymposiumThe importance of Myofunctional Therapy for restoration of the Brain functionAntonio Ferrante, MD, DDSCrystal Room
3:00pm-3:30pmExhibit Hall- BreakTiffany Room
3:30pm-4:30pmSymposiumChallenges of inter-disciplinarity in OSA, in TMD and in orthognathic surgery rehabilitationEsther Bianchini, PhD, SLPCrystal Room
3:30pm-4:30pmSymposiumDeveloping an ideal arch form in orthodontics
Derek Mahony, BDS(Syd), MScOrth(Lon), MOrthRCS(Eng)Emerald Room
4:15pm-5:00pm Panel DiscussionA myofunctional mindset from day 1: Prevention and management of orofacial and nasopharyngeal functionsChele Marmet, Alison Hazelbaker, Kevin Boyd, Virginia Johnson, Catherine Watson Genna, Irene MarchesanCrystal Room
5:30pm-6:00pmPostersCrystal Room
5:30pm-7:00pmOpening ReceptionGold Room

Friday, September 11th
Theme: Focus on Oral Functions

7:30am-6:00pmExhibit Hall Open
8:00am-12:00pm SYMPOSIUM
Frenulum Restriction: Consequences, and Calls for New Standards in Intervention
8:00am-9:00amSymposiumRelationship between ankyloglossia, anatomical and functional alterations and body postureGiovanni Olivi, MD, DDS & Maria Daniela Genovese MD, DDSCrystal Room
9:00am-10:00amSymposiumHow Breastfeeding and Tongue-Ties Impact OSALawrence Kotlow, DDSCrystal Room
10:00am-10:30amExhibit Hall- BreakTiffany Room
10:30am-11:00amSymposiumShort Lingual Frenulum and Obstructive Sleep Apnea in ChildrenChristian Guilleminault, MD, DBiolCrystal Room
10:30am-11:30amLectureSLEEP: The Best Preventive MedicineNancy Rothtstein, MBAMediterranean Room
11:00am-12:00pm LectureContribution of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy in an Orthognathic Surgery TeamThierry Gouzland, PT, OMTEmerald Room
12:00pm-1:00pmPostersCrystal Room
Frenum Surgery Master Class
Observers Only $200 Hands-On $500
Lawrence Kotlow, DDS, Giovanni Olivi, MD, DDS & Maria Daniela Genovese MD, DDSEmerald Room
1:00pm-5:00pm SYMPOSIUM
Breathing Re-education as a Critical Component in Health: Myofunctional Therapy Intervention
1:00pm-2:00pmSymposiumBreathing Retraining: Enhancing efficacy of myofunctional therapy and sleep medicineTess Graham, PT, BBE Crystal Room
1:00pm-2:00pmLectureMyofunctional therapy in children 0-5 years of age Joy Moeller, BS, OMTMediterranean Room
2:00pm-3:00pmLectureCraniofacial dystrophy, a possible syndrome? Michael Mew, DDSMediterranean Room
2:00pm-3:00pmSymposiumButeyko method: Practical workshop for sleep disorders & myofunctional therapyPatrick Mckeown, MA, BBE Crystal Room
3:00pm-3:30pmExhibit Hall- BreakTiffany Room
3:30pm-4:15pmSymposiumBreathing Re-education and Myofunctional Therapy: Towards Restoration of Continuous Nasal Breathing as the Ultimate Treatment Goal in Pediatric Obstructive Sleep ApneaChristian Guilleminault, MD, DBiolCrystal Room
3:30pm-4:30pmLecturePersonal experiences with Orthotropics and Myofunctional TherapyJames Redd, DDSMediterranean Room
5:30pm-6:00pmPostersCrystal Room
6:00pm-10:00pmGALAOviatt Penthouse

Saturday, September 12th
Theme: Teamwork and the Future of OMT

7:30am-6:00pmExhibit Hall Open
8:00am-12:00pm SYMPOSIUM
Sleep Disordered Breathing and Myofunctional Therapy: New Evidences and Calls for Standards of Care
8:00am-9:15amSymposiumSleep-disordered-breathing in children and myofunctional therapyChristian Guilleminault, MD, DBiol Crystal Room
9:15am-10:00amSymposiumMyofunctional Therapy and sleep disordered breathing: New standards of care for snoring and obstructive sleep apneaEsther Bianchini, PhD Crystal Room
10:00am-10:30amExhibit Hall-BreakTiffany Room
10:30am-11:15pmLectureMyofunctional Therapy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea: what we need to do more?Ricardo Santos SLP, MSc, PhDCrystal Room
10:30am-12:00pmLectureLong Term Stability for Orthodontic Cases with OMT (OrofacialMyofunctional Therapy)Miho Imamura, PhD, DDSMoroccan Room
11:00am-12:00LectureOrthotropics: Improving the Standard of CareAriana Ebrahimian, DDSMediterranean Room
10:30am-12:00pmLectureAn integrative physiological approach to myofunctional disordersPejman Katiraei, DORoman Room
11:15am-12:00pmPanel DiscussionSleep Disordered Breathing and Myofunctional Therapy: New Evidences and Calls for Standards of Care. Where do we go from here?Esther Bianchini, Michael Gelb, Christian Guilleminault, Ricardo Santos, Joy Moeller, Darius Loghmanee, Rakesh
Crystal Room
12:00pm-1:00pmPostersCrystal Room
1:00pm-2:00pmLectureCraniovertebral-Craniomandibular Disorders in Pediatric and Adult Patients.Mariano Rocabado, PT, DPT, ccTT (CHL)Crystal Room
1:00pm-2:00pmLectureThe role of chronic stress in airway encroachment David Rubinstein, PhDMediterranean Room
1:00pm-3:00pmLectureProtocol for the Phonoaudiological assessment of breathing with scores (PROPABS)Franklin Susanibar, MSLPCorinthian Room
1:00pm-2:00pmLectureParadigm shift in orthodontics – Introduction to the modern functional orthodontics Gabor Hermann, DDSRoman Room
2:00pm-3:00pmLecture Two novel and unpublished cephalometric factors in the diagnosis of OSA.Viet Nghiem, DDS &
Steven Hou, DDS
Mediterranean Room
2:00pm-3:00pmLecture Integrating myo-functional diagnosis into whole patient care: Uncovering the causes of many chronic disease syndromes.Virginia Johnson, DORoman Room
2:00pm-3:00pmLectureLong term stability for orthodontic cases with MFTMiho Imamura, DDS, PhDMoroccan Room
2:00pm-3:00pmLectureRole of deep fasciae in proprioception and peripheral motor coordinationCarla Stecco, MDCrystal Room
3:00pm-3:30pmExhibit Hall-BreakTiffany Room
3:30pm-4:15pmPanel DiscussionWhat do we Know and What do we Need to do to Integrate Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy with the Whole Body?Virginia Johnson, Esther Bianchini, Carla Stecco, Antonio Ferrante, Mariano Rocabado, Eliana RiveraCrystal Room
4:15pm-5:30pmClosing StatmentsClosing Statements, Areas of Consensus, and
Calls for Action: Findings of the 1st AAMS Congress
Franklin Susanibar, Ricardo Santos, Antonio Ferrante, Miho Imamura, Thierry Gouzland, Irene MarchesanCrystal Room
3:30pm-4:30pmLectureAirway Centric DentistryMichael Gelb, DDSCorinthian Room
5:30pm-6:00pmPostersCrystal Room
5:30pmAdjournAnnounce the 2nd AAMS Congress and Adjourn.Crystal Room

Sunday, September 13th

8:00am-12:00pmCourse $150Restricted lingual frenum: Diagnosis and managementIrene Marchesan, PhD, SLPEmerald Room
8:00am-12:00pmCourse $150Role of the fasciae in head and neck painCarla Stecco, MDCorinthian Room
8:00am-12:00pmCourse $300 Introduction to orthotropics and craniofacial dystrophyMichael Mew, BDS (Lond), MSc (Orth)Roman Room

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