Antonio Ferrante
Lecture #103


In recent years, myofunctional therapy has taken on a much more important role than in the past. In research, the relationship between oral and functioning nerve receptors in the CNS (central nervous system) could be identified in the dysfunction of swallowing as one of the causes of impaired production of neuro mediators, at the base of postural problems, muscular, hormonal, degenerative diseases and mental changes. Our recent studies have focused primarily on the relationship of impaired swallowing with Parkinson's, focusing our attention on improving mobility difficulties obtained through the stimulation of palatine receptors.

Antonio Ferrante, DMD Teaching Coordinator of the Master on Myofunctional Therapy and Posture and professor of Neurophysiology of Static and Dynamic Posture at the Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, Professor of Posturology at the Univerisity of Pisa. Course in Myofunctional Therapy , Gnatology – NY University, Lecturer in the master Posturology Rome “Sapienza”, Pisa , Palermo, Napoli University. Specialization course in Orthodontics Chieti University Academic Coordinator of the Master “Therapy Myofunctional within Postural” set up at the University of “Sapienza”, has written 4 books on MFT.

Learning Outcomes:

– Identify connections of the trigeminal nerves with other parts of the brain as related to posture
– Identify various neurological centers involved in bruxing and other parafunctions
– Analyze some aspects of oral functions in movement disorders