Wednesday, March 1st

2:00pm-11:00 pmAV setup-General SessionImperial Ballroom
12:00pm-7:00pm Exhibit Hall Set UpRouge
Please note that these workshops have a fee of $150 each. You can sign up by clicking here
1:00pm-5:00pmWorkshop Sleep Disorders BootcampSharon Keenan, PhDChancellor
1:00pm-5:00pmWorkshop Restricted Lingual Frenum: Diagnosis and ManagementIrene Marchesan, PhDCrystal
1:00pm-5:00pmWorkshop Surgical techniques for infant frenotomies. A practical workshop including live surgeries.Eyal Botzer, DMD (surgery)Regent
4:30pm-5:00pmCEU Forms-EvaluationsChancellor
5:00pm-7:00pmAAMS BOD MeetingChancellor

Thursday, March 2nd

6:00am-11:00pmGreen RoomRoyal
7:00am-6:00pmExhibit HallRouge
8:00am-9:00amGeneral Session Welcome-IntroductionsChristian Guilleminault, Irene Marchesan, Maria Pia Villa, Licia Paskay, Marc MoellerImperial
9:00am-10:00amSYMPOSIUM: Historical perspective of OMDsImplications of the Human Evolutionary Past for Facial Myofunctional Variation.Robert Corruccini, PhDImperial
10:00am-10:30 amCoffee BreakRouge
10:00am-10:30 am PostersImperial
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Historical perspective of OMDsPre-industrial fetal and infant/early Childhood Craniofacial Growth and Development.Kevin Boyd, DDS MSc, Robert Corruccini PhDImperial
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Expanding OMTEustachian Tube Disfunction and Tinnitus: A New Role for OMT.Derek Mahoney, BDS, MScOrth Crystal
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Myofunctional therapy and the nervous systemFrom suction deglutition to swallowing deglutition by cortical or subcortical networks.Patrick Fellus, MDChancellor
11:15am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Historical perspective of OMDsBringing Myofunctional Therapy to Pre-crawling Babies: Optimizing Oral Function and Posture from the first breath.Marianna Evans, DMDImperial
11:15am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Myofunctional therapy and the nervous systemMouth Close Campaign for Symmetrical and Healthy ChildrenAnastasia Vasileiou, DDSChancellor
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: OMT & Public HealthMyofunctional Therapy and Public Health.Maurice Ohayon, MD, PhDImperial
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Myofunctional therapy and the nervous systemCreating the Brightest Future for Midline Anomalies.Lois Laynee, PhDChancellor
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Expanding OMTTeaching Oromyofunction & Articulation to Special Populations.Linda D'Onofrio, MS, CCC-SLPCrystal
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Expanding OMTA Proposal for New Standards of Care in Orthodontics and Inclusion of OMT.Sabrina Saccomanno, MDCrystal
2:00pm-2:30pmSYMPOSIUM: OMT & Public HealthConnecting countries, universities and clinicians: Importance of networking and advocacy in myofunctional sciences.Marc Moeller, BAImperial
2:30pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: OMT & Public HealthCalling all Speech Pathologists: Sleep Disorders are in Your FaceSharon MooreImperial
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: OMT and the nervous systemBringing Myofunctional Therapy to Precrawling Babies: Optimizing Oral Function and Posture from the first breath.Michelle Emanuel, OTR/LChancellor
3:00pm-3:30pmCoffee BreakRouge
3:30pm-4:30pmSYMPOSIUM: OMT & Public HealthMoving Toward a Scalable Approach to Orofacial Myofunctional Screening and Treatment: Lessons from Population Sleep Health.
Darius Loghmanee, MD, FAAP, FAASMImperial
3:30pm-4:30pmSYMPOSIUM: Myofunctional therapy and the nervous systemEmotions and Executive Functions: Integrating the Lymbic System and the Prefrontal Cortex in Myofunctional TherapyNicole Archambault Besson, MS, CCC-SLPChancellor
4:30pm-5:30pmPANEL DISCUSSION Expanding the fields of application of myofunctional sciencesImperial
5:30pm-6:00 pmPosters
6:00pm-6:30pmEvaluation forms, sign-out sheets for CEUs, certificate of attendance (if needed)

Friday, March 3rd

7:00am-11:00pmGreen RoomRoyal
7:00am-6:00pmExhibit HallRouge
8:00am-9:00amSYMPOSIUM: OMDs and ObesityPediatric OSA, OMT & Obesity.Rakesh Bhattacharjee, MDImperial
8:00am-9:00amSYMPOSIUM: Breathing and OMTMyofunctional Therapy, Frenum Release and Posture: The Critical Role of Fascia.Valerie Sinkus, PTCrystal
8:00am-9:00amSYMPOSIUM: Tongue Tie and Early Childhood OMT InterventionRestricted lingual frenum-surgery and management. Eyal Botzer, MD, DDSChancellor
9:00am-10:00amSYMPOSIUM: OMDs and ObesityOMT With Morbid Obesity and Bariatric Surgery: A New Standard of CareMarilei Braude Canterji, PhD SLPImperial
9:00am-10:00amSYMPOSIUM: Tongue Tie and Early Childhood OMT InterventionRestrictive lingual frenulum as a phenotype for upper airway resistance syndrome and obstructive sleep apneaSoroush Zaghi, MDChancellor
10:00am-10:30amCoffee BreakRouge
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: ENT, OMT, SDBA Case for Myofunctional Therapy As A Standard of Care for Pediatric OSAChristian Guillemianult, MD, DBiolImperial
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Breathing and OMTGood oral habits since day one.Pia Villanueva, PhD, DDSCrystal
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Tongue Tie and Early Childhood OMT InterventionMyofunctional approach for children 0 to 5 years of age. Joy Moeller, BS, RDHChancellor
11:15am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Breathing and OMTVery early orthopedic treatment, before the age of six, on patients suffering from Sleep Disordered BreathingCorinne Thiery-Dumeix, MDCrystal
11:30am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Tongue Tie and Early Childhood OMT InterventionApplying Myofunctional Support for the Breastfeeding Dyad.Bridget Ingle, RN, RM, IBCLCChancellor
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Breathing and OMTMalocclusion associated with abnormal function and habitual posture- Researching for the clinical evidence.Hideharu Yamaguchi, DDSCrystal
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Tongue Tie and Early Childhood OMT InterventionWhat is a “Sleep Surgeon”? How can I get the ENT’s or Oral Surgeons in my community to help my patients with sleep and frenulum disorders? Soroush Zaghi, MDImperial
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Tongue Tie and Early Childhood OMT InterventionThe Faux tie: When is Tongue-tie a tongue-tie?Alison Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLCChancellor
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Breathing and OMTThe Critical Role of Myofunctional Therapy in Breathing: Performance Essentials.Patrick McKeown, MA, BBECrystal
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: ENT, OMT, SDBThe Stanford Surgical Algorithm: A Frenum Surgery Standard Of Care. Stanley Y Liu, MDImperial
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Breathing and OMTMyofunctional orthodontic treatment with MFT for the long term stability.Miho Imamura, PhD, DDSCrystal
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Tongue Tie and Early Childhood OMT InterventionMerging of medicine and dentistry in treating infants and toddlers Larry Kotlow, DDSChancellor
3:00pm-3:30pmCoffee BreakRouge
3:30pm-4:30pmSYMPOSIUM: ENT, OMT, SDBFrenum evaluation in children with and without sleep disordered breathing Maria Pia Villa, MDImperial
3:30pm-4:30pmSYMPOSIUM: Breathing and OMTEarly intervention in orofacial dysfunctions.Marisa Santos, PhDCrystal
4:30pm-5:30pmPANEL DISCUSSION: Public initiatives, social media and technology-ConclusionsImperial
5:30pm-6:00pm PostersImperial
6:00pm-6:30pmEvaluation forms, sign-out sheets for CEUs, certificate of attendance (if needed)ALL ROOMS

Saturday, March 4th

7:00am-11:00pmGreen RoomRoyal
8:00am-6:00pmExhibit HallRouge
7:00am-6:00pmPosters Imperial
8:00am-8:40amSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTOverview pf Pediatric Sleep Related Breathing DisordersJudy Owens, MDImperial
8:40am-9:20amSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTPediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea: What can be done?Leila Keirandish-Gozal, MDImperial
9:20am-10:00amSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTOrthodontic treatment options and myofunctional therapy in children with SDB Maria Pia Villa, MDImperial
9:00am-10:00amSYMPOSIUM: Multidisciplinary approachesOMT For Aerodigestive and Chewing Problems: Working with ENTs, Dentists and GastroenterologistsJoy Moeller, BS, RDHRegent
9:00am-10:00amSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and standard of careAnkyloglossia as a risk factor for maxillary hypoplasiaAudrey Yoon, DDS, MSCrystal
9:00am-10:00amSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and changes in standard of careMyofunctional Therapy and Sleep Surgery: New Standards of Care for MMA & and Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Surgeries.Stanley Liu, MD, DDSChancellor
10:00am-10:30amCoffee BreakRouge
10:00am-10:30 amPostersImperial
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTDifferent approaches of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) in OSA patientsEsther Bianchini, PhDImperial
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and standard of careMyofunctional Therapy as a Core Aspect of Speech Language PathologyMarileda Tome, PhD, SLPCrystal
10:30am-11:15amSYMPOSIUM: Multidisciplinary approachesApplication of myofunctional therapy in various fields of medicine.Irene Marchesan, PhD, SLPRegent
10:30am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and changes in standard of careGingival Recession: Can Myofunctional Therapy make a difference? Heidi Widoff, RDHChancellor
11:15am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTTreatment Modalities For Obstructive Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children: Challenges and GapsUmakanth Khatwa, PhDImperial
11:15am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and standard of careA Proposal for New Standards of Care in Orthodontics and Inclusion of OMT.Sabina Saccomanno, MDCrystal
11:15am-12:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Multidisciplinary approachesProtocol for Detection of Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing in AdultsDiana Grandi, MS, SLPRegent
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTBiology of Adolescent Sleep: What if he's not simply lazy? Steven Sheldon, MDImperial
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and standard of careAn Ideal Allied Team Model for Orthodontic, Craniofacial, and OSA Intervention: OMT Centered Care.Triin Jagomagi, PhD MScCrystal
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and changes in standard of careOral Muscle Dysfunction and OrthodonticsNaurine Shah, BDS, RDA, COMChancellor
1:00pm-2:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Multidisciplinary approachesAnatomical and functional score of the oro-facial system : presentation and interest in an interdisciplinary team. Using an Application.Thierry Gouzland, PT, OMTRegent
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTStandardized myofuncional exercises in children with sleep disordered breathing.Melania Evangelisti, MD, PhDImperial
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and standard of careIntegrative Myofunctional Orthodontics: Mixed Modalities in Practice.Barry Raphael, DDSCrystal
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and changes in standard of careAIRWAY-kening (TM) Orthodontic and Myofunctioanl Therapy.William Hang, DDS, MSDChancellor
2:00pm-3:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Multidisciplinary approachesNew Protocols for the Screening of Myofunctional Disorders as Clinical Markers for OSA for SLPs.Ricardo Santos, PhD(c)Regent
3:00pm-3:30pmCoffee BreakRouge
3:30pm-4:00pmSYMPOSIUM: Sleep + OMTSleep: Essential for Health & LifeNancy Rothstein, MBAImperial
3:30pm-4:30pmSYMPOSIUM: Orthodontics, OMT and changes in standard of careMyofunctional Therapy and Early Orthodontic Intervention: What Can Be Done for 0-3 & 4-7 Populations: ALF & OMT.James Bronson, DDS, FBPIChancellor
4:00pm-5:30pmPANEL DISCUSSION: Research priorities, wellness paradigms, multidisciplinary education conclusionChancellor
5:30pm-6:00pmEvaluation forms, sign-out sheets for CEUs, certificate of attendance (if needed)ALL ROOMS

Sunday, March 5th

7:00am-6:00pmGreen RoomRoyal
Please note that Esther's workshop has a fee of $150. The Workshop with Dr. Kotlow and Dr. Seagal is $300. You can sign up by clicking here
8:00am-12:00pmWorkshopTreatment of Tethered oral tissues using lasers. A comparison of different wavelengths and which laser is best for your type of practice. Larry Kotlow, DDS and , Scott Siegel, MD, DDS, FACS Crystal Room
8:00am-12:00pmWorkshop Myofunctional therapy, TMD and EMG Esther Bianchini, PhDChancellor
8:00am-12:00pmSymposiumResearch Priorities for Myofunctional TherapyMultiple PresentersRegent
12:00pm-12:30pmEvaluation forms, sign-out sheets for CEUs, certificate of attendance (if needed)

Please note that all speakers and topics are subject to change without notice.