William Hang
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With poor facial balance and OSA in young children producing permanent brain damage in just one night and OSA in adults placing patients at risk for virtually every chronic disease with possible early demise, the stakes for optimizing facial development and airway have never been higher. Is “managing” airway problems the best we can do? What if we could offer patients common sense ways to increase their tongue space/airway, perhaps eliminating their breathing problems? Expansion of the maxilla is the knee jerk response we hear for addressing OSA, but that is merely a start. Techniques for optimizing forward facial development to increase the airway starting as early as age 3 will be outlined. Non-traditional approaches
to develop the face and airway in teenagers will be contrasted with more traditional treatment. Patients who have undergone previous retractive orthodontics have options which have been shown to eliminate OSA by increasing the airway. The role of the dental profession is to make space for the tongue so the myofunctional therapist can train the tongue! Just making the space is not enough! Often just training the tongue is not enough! The professions must work together to attain the best result for many patients.

Learning Outcomes:

1) rest oral posture is the most important concept dentists never learned in school.
2) the anteroposterior and lateral planes of space must be treated simultaneously to develop the face and airway.
3) the tongue does not adapt to retraction even though dentists were taught that it does.