Soroush Zaghi
#392 VIDEO


Effective treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and guidance of airway development requires an
interdisciplinary approach that recognizes that there are both functional and structural issues that need to be addressed to achieve the most optimal outcomes. In this lecture, the established rigid guidelines from the fields of sleep medicine and ENT surgery are presented and challenged. Because an entire team of highly trained professionals from all different backgrounds working together is paramount to improving patient outcomes, Dr. Zaghi will discuss the perils and pitfalls to be aware of when developing a working relationship with the surgeons and sleep physicians in your community.

Learning Outcomes:

1) To recognize the limitations of the current sleep-medicine guidelines in terms of surgical
and non-surgical treatment options available for OSA.
2) To review “Levels of Evidence”, strength and limitations of the current research that supports interdisciplinary perspectives to treatment.
3) To apply a basic screening clinical exam, to most effectively communicate initial
findings to other providers and to make the appropriate referrals for each patient.