Giovanni Olivi & Maria Daniela Genovese
General Session #4


Relationship Between Ankyloglossia, Anatomical and Functional Alterations and Body Posture

This lecture will consider the early diagnosis of ankyloglossia to intercept and prevent the development of all the successive functional and anatomical alterations. Focus will also be given for late diagnosis and therapy when tongue-tie is already associated with orthodontic and postural problems. Different laser technologies using minimally invasive techniques will be presented showing healing and follow-up. The diagnosis of ankyloglossia will be discussed. Anatomical items, functional and clinical criteria for surgical indications will be presented. Many times, the presence of Ankyloglossia escapes early diagnosis and the alterated posture and function of the tongue is associated with different clinical manifestations. The lecturers will review the relationship between lingual posture, splanchnocranial growth and development, orthodontic malocclusion and body posture. Myofunctional therapy is a fundamental step in the rehabilitation of lingual-oral function. The therapy must precede the lingual frenum surgery and immediately follow the intervention. The tongue must be trained and educated to assume a different and correct posture and function.

Giovanni Olivi is a Professor of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in the Degree Course in Dentistry and Master in “Laser Dentistry” at the University of Genoa. He graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. He obtained a Master of the American Academy of Laser Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV. Speaker in more than 150 international conferences, scientific advisor to several magazines, author of numerous publications ,in 2007 was awarded in Nashville with Leon Goldman Award, received for Clinical Excellence.

Maria Daniela Genovese is a professor in the Master International “Laser Dentistry” at the University of Genoa. She graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery, specializes with honors in Dentistry at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, is perfected in Orthodontics at the SMO “George Eastman” in Rome and obtained a Master in Postural Gnathology at the University ”Tor Vergata” in Rome. Speaker at numerous national and international conferences ,author of important scientific publications, also follows the American certification use of the technique of Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign).

Learning Outcomes:
– Examine anatomical and physiological connections between restricted lingual frenum and posture
– Compare late diagnosis and therapy of tongue tie already associated with orthodontic and postural problems.
– Compare different laser technologies using minimally invasive techniques, including subsequent healing and follow-up.


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