Pia Villanueva
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To contribute in the prevention of orofacial myofunctional disorders and avoiding the occurrence of bad oral habits, I have mostly focused on changing a pattern: from “evaluation and treatment of bad oral habits” to “prevention and early stimulation of appropriate oral habits”. While working with children and their parents, we must promote themes that are not commonly well known, such as the evolution of feeding and speech, and the inclusion of appropriate oral habits. The Inclusion of Appropriate Oral Habits is a protocol intended to assist the prevention of organic, functional and sometimes psycho-emotional alterations, associated with bad oral habits. This tool may be useful to the community of OM therapists to
be applied in clinics, schools, kindergartens and mothers’ associations.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Identify correct patterns of posture, food consistences and tools to feed your child from day one.
2) List good oral habit that we have to promote in our children.
3) Explain the benefits of applying the protocol for Inclusion of Appropriate Oral Habits.