Michael Mew
#209 VIDEO


Although now endemic, 250 years ago, outside the privileged groups, malocclusion was uncommon and mild. Dr. Mew wishes to scientifically understand this “modern disease” and proposes a pathological process which describes how malocclusion, sleep apnea and a range of other problems (many under the umbrellas of ENT) are related with the aim of finding cures. He suggests that they are all symptoms of a change in the architecture of the anterior craniofacial structure, which is only fully apparent when comparing “maloccluded” man to ancient man, rather than to modern man as is normal using orthodontic cephalometry.

Lecturer and Clinician at London School of Facial Orthotropics, Dr. Mew is a third generation orthodontist born to a controversial father proposing postural and functional intervention, Orthotropics, for malocclusion. After specializing he became interested in the aetiology of malocclusion realizing that, understanding the cause of a problem was essential in providing more effective therapies. He now practices in south London.

Learning Outcomes:

– Identify what causes malocclusion.
– Identify the relationship between malocclusion and sleep apnea.
– Summarize prevention of malocclusion and sleep apnea.