Michael Gelb
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Myofunctional Therapy has been recognized as an effective adjunct and in some cases a primary treatment for OSA , airway and breathing disorders. When combined with adenotonsillectomy and non retractive orthodontics it is particularly efficacious. Early intervention is recommended to establish nasal breathing , proper rest oral posture and normal tone. A team approach is highly recommended for improved results .

Dr. Michael Gelb is a leading expert in the use of oral appliances to mediate, relieve and enhance a range of health and wellness issues. He has pioneered an integrative approach to treating TMJ, snoring and sleep disorders. Chief Executive Officer of the Gelb Center, a worldwide resource for integrative dentistry. Dr. Gelb is Clinical Professor and former director of the New York University TMD and Orofacial Pain Program, a member American Academy of Orofacial Pain, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Orofacial Pain. Dr. Gelb currently holds patents for the proprietary design of oral appliances. His prescription design is currently the most widely dispensed oral appliance in the world.

Learning Outcomes:

– Identify the connections between nasal breathingand orofacial functions.
– Examine the application of CBCT in identifying upper airway volume.
– Identify benefits of proper nasal breathing in orthodontics and myofunctional therapy.