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This set includes all available sessions.

General Session #1 Irene Marchesan
Interference Of The Tongue With Orofacial Functions

General Session #2 Catherine Watson-Genna
Organization of Tongue Movements During Breastfeeding Before and After Frenotomy

General Session #3 Heather Clark
Motor Learning and Neuromuscular Principles: Applications to Myofunctional Disorders

General Session #4 Olivi & Maria Genovese
Relationship Between Ankyloglossia, Anatomical and Functional Alterations and Body Posture

General Session #5 Lawrence Kotlow
How Breastfeeding and Tongue-Ties Impact OSA

General Session #6 Tess Graham
Breathing Retraining: Enhancing Efficacy of Myofunctional Therapy and Sleep Medicine

General Session #7 Christian Guilleminault
Sleep-Disordered-Breathing in Children and Myofunctional Therapy
Lecture #101 William Hang
AIRWAY-kening orthodontics & myofunctional therapy working together to improve/save lives

Lecture #102 Kevin Boyd & James Murphy
Orofacial myofunctional disorders, malocclusion phenotypes and Non-communicable disease: An evolutionary perspective

Lecture #103 Antonio Ferrante
The importance of myofunctional therapy for restoration of the brain function

Lecture #104 – Derek Mahony
Developing an ideal arch form in orthodontics

Lecture #106 – Panel Discussion
A Myofunctional Mindset From Day 1: Prevention and Management of Orofacial and Nasopharyngeal Functions

Lecture #201 – Christian Guilleminault
Short Lingual Frenulum and Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children

Lecture #202 – Nancy Rothstein
Sleep: The best preventive medicine

Lecture #203 – Thierry Gouzland
Contribution of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy in an Orthognathic Surgery Team

Lecture #204 – Panel Discussion
Orthodontic Consequences of Lack of Early Intervention: Towards a New Standard and Definition of Orthodontic Care

Lecture #205 – Joy Moeller
Myofunctional therapy in children 0-5 years of age

Lecture #206 – Patrick McKeowen
Buteyko Method: Practical workshop for sleep disorders & myofunctional therapy

Lecture #207 James Redd
Personal experiences with Orthotropics and Myofunctional Therapy

Lecture #208 – Christian Guilleminault
Breathing Re-education and Myofunctional Therapy: Towards Restoration of Continuous Nasal Breathing as the Ultimate Treatment Goal in Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Lecture #209 – Michael Mew
Craniofacial dystrophy, a possible syndrome?

Lecture #210 – Panel Discussion
Frenum Restriction & Assessment, Surgery, and Public Health Initiatives: A Discussion on the Need for New Medical Standards

Lecture #302 – Ricardo Santos
Myofunctional Therapy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea: What More Do We Need To Do?

Lecture #303 – Pejman Katiraei
An integrative physiological approach to myofunctional disorders

Lecture #304 – Miho Imamura
Long term stability for orthodontic cases with MFT

Lecture #305 – Panel Discussion
A Call for Breathing Assessment and Re-education Across Health Disciplines Through Myofunctional Therapy Intervention

Lecture #306 – Mariano Rocabado
The Functional Matrix: Craniofacial Skeletal Growth, Muscular Transformation, and Myofunctional Therapy; Structural Evidences and a Call for Myofunctional Therapy In Adolescent Intervention

Lecture #307 – David Rubinstein
The role of chronic stress in airway encroachment

Lecture #308 – Hermann Gabor
Paradigm shift in orthodontics – Introduction to the modern functional orthodontics

Lecture #309 – Franklin Susanibar
Protocol for the phonoaudiological assessment of breathing with scores (PROPABS)

Lecture #310 – Viet Nghiem & Steven Hou
Two novel and unpublished cephalometric factors in the diagnosis of OSA

Lecture #311 – Virginia Johnson
Integrating myo-functional diagnosis into whole patient care: Uncovering the causes of many chronic disease syndromes

Lecture #312 – Carla Stecco
Role of deep fasciae in proprioception and peripheral motor coordination

Lecture #313 – Panel Discussion
Sleep Disordered Breathing and Myofunctional Therapy: New Evidences and Calls for Standards of Care. Where do we go from here?

Lecture #314 – Michael Gelb
Airway centric dentistry

Lecture #315 – Panel Discussion
What do we Know and What do we Need to do to Integrate Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy with the Whole Body?

(For a complete description of each session, please refer to each speaker's personal teaching download page)


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