Miho Imamura
Lecture #304


Professionals working in and around the mouth need to focus on all of the functions of each patient for the long term stability after orthodontic treatment. Therapists always need to consider using and treating with OMT (orofacial myofunctional therapy) to achieve long-term stability. Consideration for morphology and function in treatment with OMT, as suggested by EBP is a priority. Dr Imamura will discuss her OMT approach in orthodontic cases.

1986 Nippon dental school (Japan Tokyo) graduated. 1986-1988 Japan University orthodontic course graduated 1988-2002 at DesMoines Collage Iowa USA preventive dentistry research and study. 2003- M.I.H.O.orthodontic clinic (private clinic in Kofu Japan). Professional Certificated board member of Japan orthodontic association and Japan adult orthodontic association. Dr. Imamura is a founder and board member of the Japanese Society for Oral Myofunctional Therapy.

Learning Outcomes:

– Compare care without orthodontics and only with OMT in improving malocclusion and long term stability of occlusion.
– Link orthodontic results and dental occlusion with the functional aspects of the orofacial complex.
– Prevent occlusal instability by implementing proper assessment, early treatment and follow ups with OMT.