Pejman Katiraei
Lecture #303


The human body is a miraculous and intelligent organism with physiological systems that are all tied together. A myofunctional disorder may be impacted by various systems within the body including the thyroid, pancreas, gonads, etc. We will overview the relations of various organ systems to the airways and myofunctional disorders. We will then explore dietary and Endobiogenic herbal treatment approaches that can be offered as part of a larger integrated myofunctional treatment program.

Dr. Katiraei was the curious child who always wanted to know how everything works. It was this curiosity that encouraged Dr. K to explore and later specialize in holistic and integrative medicine. Before graduating cum laud with a degree in Biology from UCLA, Dr. K started the UCLA Stroke Force where he led over 70 undergraduate students to educate the senior community about strokes. After UCLA, he went onto obtaining his osteopathic medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences. He then started his pediatric residency at Loma Linda University. Dr. Katiraei completed a fellowship under Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona and then to start the Loma Linda University Wholistic Medicine Clinic, of which he was the Medical Director until 2014.

Learning Outcomes:

– Describe an integrative physiological perspective on myofunctional disorders.
– Explain the background on the role of medical herbalism in supporting myofunctional treatments.
– Identify the role of diet in airway and myofunctionaldisorders.