Ricardo Santos
Lecture #302


This lecture will reflect some of the issues that currently stand in terms of research and clinical practice of myofunctional intervention in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Focus will also be given on the myofunctional assessment (instruments and methods), possibilities and limitations of the current methods, as well as the need to define methods of quantitative evaluation, before and after myofunctional therapy intervention, for an evidence- based practice in this field.

Ricard Santos is a lecturer at the School of Allied Health Technologies – Polytechnic Institute of Oporto (Portugal) and EPAP Institute (Lisbon, Portugal), as well as a researcher at the Sleep Medicine Center of Cuf Hosptial (Oporto, Portugal). His contributions to the field of myofunctional therapy are extensive. Mr. Santos has published in numerous scientific journals, as well as serves as a reviewer for journals in myofunctional therapy. He has been the recipient of four scientific awards in the field. By invitation, Mr. Santos is an International Member of the Phonoaudiology Committe of the Brazilian Sleep Association. Currently, he is the President of the Portuguese Speech Therapy Society.

Learning Outcomes:

– Describe the main myofunctional treatments in OSA.
– Identify orofacial myofunctional methods and instruments for the assessment of patients with OSA.
– Identify resources for evidence-based practice.