Joy Moeller
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Looking at the whole body and results of OMDs, we must include the value of proper preparation and consistency of our foods. The ability to properly masticate our foods involves proper breathing, eustachian tube function and dental occlusion as well as function of the chewing muscles and the ability of the tongue to have the proprioception to detect whether or not the food is the correct consistency to swallow. This lecture will discuss sham chewing as a pre-treatment for myofunctional therapy. Also included in this lecture is information on proper food selection as the patient moves into decisions of what new choices of healthy foods they can now functionally chew.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Learn some skills working with infants to restore normal function
2) Understand the importance of Early Intervention: even in utero
3) Identify signs and symptoms of when an ENT needs to be involved in treatment of myofunctional pathology