James Redd
Lecture #207


Chicken or egg? Who cares which is first – it's better to have both. Cases presented will demonstrate that the same is true of Orthotropic treatment and Myofunctional Therapy.

Dr. Redd received his dental degree in 1982 upon completion of his program at the University of Alberta. He has practiced in Calgary since 1984 along with Dr. Kindal Robertson DDS. Both believe in proactive dental care. “My best credential isn’t my degree or years of Orthotropic experience. It’s that my wife let me practice Orthotropics on our six children, and now, on our grandchildren. My greatest accomplishment.”

Learning Outcomes:

– Measure the Cosmetic Line and determine how many mm of excess requires referral to an Orthotropic practitioner.
– Estimate the nose – lip angle from live patients and photos.
– Assess the need for referrals to manage co-morbidities such as tongue tie, sleep disorders, breathing issues and more.