Irene Marchesan
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Myofunctional therapy is only one field where SLPs works in Brazil. This is an interdisciplinary area because assessment and therapy is developed with dentistry and ENTs. To improve the quality of OM, many directions were followed, research on effective timing of therapy, research to check the effectiveness of therapy, new protocols with scores have been published and new clinical practices were developed. Books, chapters and papers have been published in each field, scientific meetings have been held throughout Brazil to improve the quality of OM. There are now specialists for each of the following fields: Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), Alterations after orthognathic surgery, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSA), Malformation and syndromes with craniofacial alterations; Gerontology; HIV; Facial paralysis; High-risk infant, Head and neck burns; Facial trauma, Speech alterations due to mechanical and/or neuromuscular causes, Alterations after bariatric surgery, Facial aesthetics among others. ABRAMO – Brazilian OM Association – was founded aiming to promote OM meetings and spread recent scientific findings.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Identify SLP roles in OMT in Brazil
2) List areas of competency and application of OMT in medicine
3) Identify future areas of application of OMT