Heidi Widoff
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There are many factors that contribute to periodontal disease and gingival recession. Crowding, a misplaced tooth, or malocclusion can contribute to poor oral hygiene, gingival inflammation and bone loss. But there are other etiologies and modalities to be factored in that contribute to gingival recession. In a healthy dentition gingival recession or bone loss can also be attributed to muscle dysfunction. Through a combination of dental and myofunctional examinations we can identify and recognize the tight or restricted frenums, clenching/bruxing, open mouth rest posture and breathing and other orofacial habits. Myofunctional therapists as part of a team approach can help in restoring gingival recession with therapeutic techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Examining the mandibular and maxillary frena for restriction.
2) Identify a restricted frenum and poor dental hygiene as contributors of recession and bone loss.
3) Apply myofunctional therapy to improve gingival health.