General Session video set

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This set includes video downloads following General Sessions.

General Session #1 Irene Marchesan
Interference Of The Tongue With Orofacial Functions

General Session #2 Catherine Watson-Genna
Organization of Tongue Movements During Breastfeeding Before and After Frenotomy

General Session #3 Heather Clark DVD NOT AVAILABLE

General Session #4 Olivi & Maria Genovese
Relationship Between Ankyloglossia, Anatomical and Functional Alterations and Body Posture

General Session #5 Lawrence Kotlow
How Breastfeeding and Tongue-Ties Impact OSA

General Session #6 Tess Graham
Breathing Retraining: Enhancing Efficacy of Myofunctional Therapy and Sleep Medicine

General Session #7 Christian Guilleminault
Sleep-Disordered-Breathing in Children and Myofunctional Therapy

(For a complete description of each session, please refer to each speaker's personal teaching download page)


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