Panel Discussion
Lecture #315 Audio


During the last 3 days of symposia and the 5 days of the Congress we will have seen new research, treatment modalities, and calls for campaigns to be inaugurated, continued, and spread.

What can we apply to our practices and our lives next week?

What concrete steps can we take to cross the new bridges that have been built?

What can we do to change the existing referral and treatment paradigms?

What curricula do we need to develop, to address new applications of myofunctional therapy?

These and many other questions will be explored with a panel of world leaders in myofunctional therapy never before assembled.

Learning outcomes:

Illustrate the appropriate public health initiatives required to advance the standards of treatment in myofunctional therapy.

Examine the application
of myofunctional therapy across disciplines.

Describe the role of the clinician working in myofunctional therapy as
a healthcare advocate.